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Multimedia Education

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The Nigerian entertainment and multimedia industry is worth over $3billion with 10% annual growth which contributes about 1.5% to the national GDP. The present government is aware of the huge potential of the industry, reason why it has allocated various funding to the movie industry.

In today’s world of technology advancement and global adoption of internet “content is king” it’s inexhaustible. But who creates the content? What kind of contents?

Problem Statement

At the moment, it is not new that our educational system has literally collapsed; a country where over one million students write an exam for university admissions that can only accommodate about three hundred and fifty thousand students. (About 1,048,314 out of the 1,503,931 candidates that wrote the UTME passed. But existing universities can only admit about 250,000 students. Punch newspaper, AUGUST 14, 2012 BY OLABISI DEJI-FOLUTILE)

(UTME: Over one million candidates will be denied admission – Minister

By Feyi Afisunlu on April 28, 2013)

The major problem in the Nigerian society which we plan to address is that of Poor Education and Unemployment, which leads to mediocrity and social menace amongst the youths.

Solution Statement

We have seen the dire need to support schools and the society at large in reducing this problem by providing alternative solution through vocational training in 3D designs, 3D animation, video production photography, content development, illustration/graphic designs, Web development, sound production and audiovisual applications with the provision of video tutorials and application support, which enable participants to learn at their convenience without affecting their professional commitment or regular academic curriculum.


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